Reflections from Hannah Morris, former community outreach intern

After being selected to be a community outreach intern for Life Of A Scholar, LLC, I had no idea what to expect. I was a new member of the Triangle, a shy girl, and a college student with absolutely no internship experience. These are a few of the reasons why LOAS could have turned me away, but once I was accepted, the whole team graciously accepted me. LOAS gave me the opportunity to collaborate with everyone so I could prove that I could also work for a real-life professional company., just like everyone else.

The whole point of LOAS is to be as affordable and helpful as possible not only to its clients, but also to the employees and interns. The most attractive element of this internship was that it was created to offer work experience to students who wanted to develop their skills and be marketable in today’s job market, and for me, it has done just that.

During my internship here at The Life of A Scholar, LLC, I have learned to meet deadlines, produce concrete work, and write professionally. I learned what it means to collaborate with fellow team members, and write emails so all of the information can be as clear and concise as possible. I was also given the opportunity to research and write about my passions, which include children, education, and racial realities. Because I am a Biochemistry major, I am rarely granted the opportunity to speak my mind through the pieces I write, so I used the blog posts as a creative outlet to express myself and support my ideas with data and statistics.

I plan to take all of the experience and skills I have learned and apply them as I pursue dental school following my undergraduate career. Work, school, and life in general, is never easy, but when you have the ability to follow directions, meet deadlines, and produce quality work, it is so much easier to succeed. LOAS gave me a chance when nobody else would, and I believe that is what makes it such a unique and beneficial company for anyone who wants to better themselves.


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